10 Chrome Extensions to improve Gmail

No doubt that Gmail is a great email service. However, Gmail does not meet all needs. This is normal, it’s complicated to get a service that 100% satisfied. That is why there are many Chrome extensions that enhance the functionality of Gmail. I do not think meet all your needs with this compilation, but I will try to be as complete as it is! Here are 10 Chrome Extensions to improve Gmailgmail

  1. Insert Text. Allows quickly insert pre-configured text.
  2. Checker Plus for Gmail: adds an icon in your browser to warn you of the arrival of a new email. But little more is that you can interact directly from the extension.
  3. Cloudy. Easy to add files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and others in Gmail.
  4. WiseStamp. Adds a beautiful signature at the bottom of your emails. You can set up social networks, RSS feed, or others.
  5. Send from Gmail. Adds an icon in your browser to quickly compose an email with all the pre-populated fields. The extension takes the title of the article you want to share as well as the URL.
  6. KeyRocket for Gmail: Gmail has several useful keyboard shortcuts and KeyRocket teaches you how to retain them.
  7. Rapportive: This extension works in the sidebar. It gives you information about your contacts (social profiles, latest tweets, etc..).
  8. Gmelius: gives you the ability to change the Gmail interface and add functionality to your favorite mailbox.
  9. mxHero Toolbox: Allows you to schedule emails to be sent later, create emails that self-destruct, set reminders for follow-up emails, send an individual email to each recipient included in a mass mailing.
  10. Iframely for Gmail: You can insert videos, images, music to display in the e-mail. The extension supports various sites like Vimeo, 500px, SoundCloud, etc..

And you, what are the Chrome extensions that you use to improve Gmail?

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