10 creative ways to thank a blogger

Respect, courtesy, relationship, sharing, are key words for success in the blogosphere. Also, thank occasionally bloggers is used to adapt all. But instead of a simple “thank you”, I will share my 10 original ways to thank a blogger


1. Visit their blog

Get to know the person with whom you come in contact. First thing to do is visit their blog. Much information is disclosed, particularly in the About page.

2. Subscribe to RSS / to newsletter

If their articles are worth it, you can why not subscribe to the RSS feed or the newsletter.

3. Leave a comment on an article from his blog

Since the advent of Twitter, good numbers of bloggers complain of lower comments. Indeed, it becomes faster retweet an article to comment. Take a few minutes to share your opinion on one or more articles of the blog.

4. Visit their Twitter profile

If the blogger has a Twitter account (which most have), go visit. Read a little his “timeline” and remember what a wise man told me: “Tell me what you tweet, I will tell you who you are!”

5. Follow their Twitter account

Nothing is more fun than having a blogger a new “follower” (subscriber). Follow his Twitter account is a great way to thank him.

6. Retweet an article

Bloggers know that Twitter has become an important service. Sharing buttons are usually available at the bottom of articles. Use it to retweet one of their articles.

7. Become a fan of their Facebook page

Hunting number of Facebook fans raged in the blogosphere! Treat the blogger by becoming a fan of their Facebook page.

8. Vote for an article on a Digg-Like

Although Digg-Like dying small fires, many bloggers still use them. Vote for an article will suffice for their enthusiasm their day!

9. Send a mail to

A blog you liked and you want to encourage the blogger to continue? -Use the “Contact” page is present on all the blogs. A word of encouragement motivates troops and encourages the blogger to continue their legacy.

10. Make a link to their blog

The Holy Grail, the apotheosis! Get a link to an external blog means a lot. Feel free to “linker” other bloggers.

11. Donate via Paypal!

Well what? You can try if you have more money!

And you, how do you thank the bloggers? Do you want to add a point to this article?

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