10 online services that allow you to work from anywhere

Now that Internet use has become widespread, more and more users give up some desktop applications. In fact, online services are increasing and can perform certain tasks without having to install anything. To dematerialize all, here are 10 online services that allow you to work from anywheretravailler-en-ligne

1. Google Drive

The online service Google Drive offers a storage space of 15GB and includes some web office applications that allow you to work from anywhere. A word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, creative designs and others are available as well. To top it all, Google Drive offers a whole range of mobile applications.google-drive

2. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best online services for organizing your documents and notes. It is a multiplatform tool that can automatically synchronize all your devices and allows you to share your notes with others. Evernote is particularly useful for collaborative work.evernote

3. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is one of those essential services online. This tool allows you to convert files in 199 different formats: audio files, text documents, images, video, PowerPoint presentations type spreadsheets and e-books. A very important feature to note is the security. CloudConvert delete files you download at the end of the conversion.cloudconvert

4. Sumopaint

Sumopaint is a free online service for image editing. In French, it offers features and usual editing layers to improve the quality or sharpness of the image, add filters, crop, etc.sumopaint

5. Pixlr

All online services to edit existing images, Pixlr is probably the most complete and versatile solution. Similar in appearance to Photoshop, Pixlr offers three tools in one: Pixlr Editor (photo), Pixlr Express (add effects, frames and small repairs), Pixlr O-Matic (adding filters to Instagram). It is free.pixlr

6. Reel

Reel is an online service that allows you to create and share presentations quickly and easily. It is a perfect solution for those who do not have PowerPoint. Reel is accessible from any device with a unique URL. So just use your browser. You do not have to install any software.reel

7. Soundation studio

Soundation studio is an online service for audio editing. It allows you to obtain high quality results. This multitrack editor offers a wide range of free samples and allows you to add rhythm, keyboard, and save your work to WAV or MP3.soundstudio

8. WeVideo

WeVideo is a free tool to create and edit your videos. Besides being very easy to handle, it offers many features that allow you to turn your videos into something spectacular!wevideo

9. FileLab Audio Editor

FileLab Audio Editor handles your audio files online and create a new and improved sound effects audio track! This free online application supports multiple audio formats, offers audio editing, adding effects, and lets you record your results.filelab-audio-editor

10. Microsoft OneDrive

The cloud storage Microsoft offers 15 GB of free space. OneDrive can be used to share all types of documents and files between your devices or even members of a workgroup. But what is interesting is that this tool integrates office: a free version of Word Web App Apps, Excel Web App, PowerPoint Web App and OneNote Web App. All these tools will allow you to load, create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents from your browser.onedrive

Do you use one of these web services? Do you want to add another in the comments below?

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