10 reasons to prove that Twitter is 100 times better than Facebook

Do not mince words friends. Even though Facebook serves more than one billion users, this proves nothing. Quite the contrary. Facebook has become over time the “social network Jacky.” The open door to all windows. Clearly, a true giant trash! This is only my opinion, of course, so do not get upset. To explain what I said, here are 10 reasons that prove that Twitter is 100 times better than Facebook


  1. Twitter is simple and fast.
  2. Twitter is limited to 140 characters … This avoids reading too much crap!
  3. A Tweet can create a buzz (snowball effect).
  4. You can insert keywords (# hashtag) in a Tweet.
  5. Facebook is limited to family and friends.
  6. You can easily communicate with brands on Twitter or famous stars.
  7. On Facebook, we suggest you follow friends “you may know …”. On Twitter, we suggest you known, unknown or keywords people.
  8. On Twitter, the info is continuous. It does not go an hour without having something to put in their mouths.
  9. Twitter was created for grownups … Tattooed … Rebels! Facebook for spotty!
  10. All terms and conditions are much more flexible on Twitter and on Facebook (everyone remembers the problems with Facebook’s privacy).
  11. (BONUS) Twitter is a giant orgy … Facebook, preliminary!

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