10 sites to resize photo online

On most sites, social networks and forums, we ask you to resize your photos. Your avatar or profile photo to go through the “cutting” box. Also, no need to have the latest software in the mode to make this small change. Internet is big enough to find the right tools. Proof with these 10 sites to resize an online photo


  1. Resize: a site that offers various tools such as portrait photo, landscape photo, cropping a photo.
  2. Fix Picture: free online utility that allows you to select an image, choose treatments applied (resize, rotate, or effects), in order to save on your computer. The site supports many formats (jpeg, tiff, png, gif, bmp, tga, …) and RAW formats.
  3. Quick Thumbnail: choose an image file, select the resizing options, and click “Resize It.” Your image will be automatically uploaded to the server, and then resized.
  4. DRPIC: a very nice online tool that allows you to edit and resize a picture stored on your computer.
  5. Resize Your Image: 3 simple steps (choice of photo size adjustment, validation by the orange button) sufficient for this tool to crop your image.
  6. Resize 2 mail: an online service where you do not take your head. You simply have to select the correct size (among other options) and you accept.
  7. ResizePic: If you have an image in gif, jpg or png and you want to resize, simply use the form on the site.
  8. ResizeImagesOnline: an online service that can resize images, rotate them, and save them on your computer or send them by e-mail.
  9. Shrink Pictures: free tool in 5 easy steps to resize your photos. A short video helps you to use the same service.
  10. Xooit: an online service that allows you to resize an image to the size you want.

Do you use a website to resize a photo online?

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