10 steps to get traffic from YouTube

YouTube is the site to share the world’s most popular video! This is a great place to publish your own video content in order to drive traffic to your blog. I describe in this article some tips tested by yours truly! Here are 10 steps to attract traffic from YouTube


1. Create a YouTube channel

Anyone can create a YouTube channel. Register for free and set up your account. Add an avatar, some information in your bio, and link to your blog. Start by sending some videos and follow the steps below.

2. Create and send relevant videos

The key to using YouTube as a tool for traffic is to ensure that the videos you create and send your YouTube channel are relevant to your audience. Stay in line with your blog. Take the example of my blog video tutorials. I will explain how to make pizza dough while I’m talking about WordPress, web and social networks!

3. Add a description

To optimize your videos up in the search engines (especially Google), it is best to complete the description of the video. Feel free to invite your readers to share your video in the same description. For my part, here’s what I added to each tutorial: “Turn on social networks, sharing on Twitter and Facebook!”

4. Insert keywords in the description

Take the time to write a good description. At the same time, do not hesitate to place keywords. They will find you more easily.

5. Integrate your blog URL

For this step, there are different ways to go about it. You can create your own introduction, add a note or verbally announce the URL of your blog. For my part, I chose the latter option. With each introduction, I announce the name of my blog!

6. Use the effective tools of YouTube

What I mean by “powerful tools”? YouTube has greatly improved over the years. Now it has become a great tool for editing. You can create a slideshow, create a slow motion effect, or add an annotation / subtitles / music. Using annotations, you can even redirect your readers to your blog!

7. Making public videos and allow comments

A video posted is set by default as a “Public” video, that is to say, it can be viewed by all users. Leave this option like this with open comments. The interaction with your audience is a crucial thing.

8. Enable the sharing and embedding videos

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best integration tools. It offers good opportunities for sharing. Invite your readers to incorporate videos in their blog. The “Share” YouTube provides a system for sharing on social networks tab (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr …) as well as the possibility to embed the video.

9. Create playlists

Here is a little known option on YouTube, but particularly interesting. The “Playlist” feature allows you to create playlists of several videos. After clicking “Playlists”, you add video with a URL. You can create different themes with several videos.

10. Add a subscription icon to your YouTube channel on your Blog

The best way to highlight your YouTube account is still your blog. So take a few minutes to add an icon that sends your player to your YouTube channel. Offer to join or set up this trick to get more subscriptions to a YouTube channel without effort.

In your opinion, what are the tricks to attract traffic from YouTube?

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