10 steps to make sure before publishing a blog

Publish an article may be more complicated than expected. Although there is not much to do, I advise you to check carefully the steps below. They will help you avoid some common mistakes and ensure the success of your article!

You know like me the phrase “prevention is better than cure”. For an item is the same. Better to do it right from the start. Here are 10 steps to make sure before publishing a blog


Step 1: Identify the audience

Who are you talking about? What kind of readers you attract to your blog? Will not talk about the last salon erotica if you are connected High-Tech … Whatever!

Step 2: have original content

Ouch, we’re just in step 2 and I already get on your fingers! The content is the sinews of war. An article that has no purpose or interest will not succeed.

Step 3: an article for a topic

Do not treat 50 subjects in the same article, your readers would be lost. Learn to refocus you to reach your target.

Step 4: Ensure a strong headline

Be sure to write a catchy title for your article. Your title should be unique and capture the reader’s attention. Remember that this is the first thing that will come your player to your blog. Make sure it is relevant.

Step 5: check the length of the article

The longer, more is good at one used to hear! To think … Anyway, I think there is an exception with the blogging. Most readers will abandon as soon as there is a slice of lines to read. Doing neither too long nor too short (yeah, it was easy that one).

Step 6: Add relevant links

Statistics and figures are generally appreciated in a blog post. Do not hesitate to go hunting on the news to fill your article. You can also refer to an old article of your blog to keep up your drive home.

Step 7: beautify Article

Photos and videos are the ideal tools to embellish an article. Remember to put. I usually add an image right after the introduction of my article. I do not know if this is the right solution, but it seems to please.

Step 8: simmer

Such a good dinner, it is best to simmer your article. You have things to correct, add or even remove it. Allow time for your article to improve!

Step 9: optimize Article

This step is crucial for your item does not end at the last page of the Google search engine! Remember to emphasize to bold or italic your keywords.

Step 10: Click on “Publish” #YouDontSay

Yeah, I know, you can do it … so click!

And for you, what are the steps to analyze before publishing a blog?

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