10 Tips to do when changing WordPress theme

Well, you may have noticed, Jakuri.com literally changed up! New theme, new logo, this situation can quickly turn into a nightmare. So, here are 10 tips to make when changing WordPress theme


1. Find a new theme

Yes, it is still the base! In addition, I often listed sites to find. Especially you have free themes and paid themes Elegant Themes or ThemeForest.

2. Save the database

Before getting started, why not make a good backup of your old blog? We are not immune to bullshit, it’s me that you said!

3. Disable all extensions

It is well known that WordPress extensions can cause many trouble. To be “pacifist” mode with them, turn them a few minutes. Do not worry, they do not want you!

4. Related WordPress update

For that matter, so swing the last update of WordPress. It will check into whether the theme bug … Or not.

5. Install WordPress Private Expansion

I looked for a little while until you know how I could work on my new theme without my visitors see it. Extending Private WordPress allows you to block access to all your visitors while giving you your rights. A tutorial on Around the Tuto was done: how to block access to its visitors on WordPress.

6. Activate the new theme

You will finally be able to see the new face of your blog, you explode!

7. Replace Adsense codes and other advertisements

Do not forget the main among bloggers: money, tune, the gravel, the meta tags, and so on!

8. Replace the Google Analytics code

Check statistics the day after a theme change while the Google Analytics code has not been installed, it’s weird!

9. Disable WordPress Private extension and enable extensions

Come on, you can clear Private WordPress and reactivate all your extensions. If there is a bug, turn them one by one to see which crashes your blog.

10. Check out the top 3 Internet browser (Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer)

En route for testing. We’ll have to test your new design on the three major web browsers. It seems to me that a site can do it automatically. There he would not have a kind soul to tell me in the comments?

If you have no errors, congratulations, you are a champion!
If you have errors, congratulations, you have to hours and hours of work!

I just think that my solution is not the best, but this is what I used to make my changes and have no worries. And you, how do you proceed?

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