10 tips for finding the best videos from Vine

Vine is the new mobile app that is all the rage among young people. The system is very simple: create short videos 6 seconds. This tool was created by Twitter earlier this year. If you do not know or you are looking for the best of, here are 10 tips for finding the best videos from Vine


  • Seenive: Web service that offers, through comprehensive menus, pop you with short video clips of 6 seconds. The filters also propose to sort the best videos.
  • Funny Vine Videos: a very nice site where you can find videos of funs Vine. They are sorted by popularity based on the number of views and “Like” on Facebook.
  • VineVideos: website offering funny videos Vine.
  • Compilation on YouTube: 10 minutes of crazy compilation videos Vine!
  • Vinerise: a simple site that features videos Vine. You can even add your own video.
  • Vinebox: a site which also includes Vine videos as thumbnails. A kind of Pinterest for Vine! You can sort videos by keywords or by popularity.
  • Facebook: Facebook page with the best videos Vine.
  • Twitter: search for the hashtag # vine on Twitter.
  • YouTube: search for the hashtag # vine on YouTube.
  • Google+: search for the hashtag # vine on Google+.

Do you use Vine? Do you know a similar trick to find the best videos Vine?

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