10 tips for a perfect organization of the anniversary of your blog

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Frelia.com has celebrated its third birthday March 29, 2012. Many gifts have been games and you have (mostly) enjoyed lots. Premium offerings for Web services, hard drive, GPS,  iPod / iPhone, all these gifts did not arrive home by chance, she has had to claim them!

So if you do not know how to do (uh no, we do not send invitations for this occasion …) or you’re looking for ideas, here are 10 tips for a perfect organization of the anniversary of your blog

1. Wait for the first candle!
Yes I know you first council may seem weird but I’ve seen strange things in the blogosphere! And you know what they say about birthdays celebrated before the time … It brings bad luck!

2. Prepare yourself well in advance
A birthday is coming. When I say “in advance”, I mean at least one month. This kind of celebration happens only once in the year, as not to miss!

3. Prepare a large contact list
Ask around for contact information, go around the Web looking for e-mail, keep the addresses of people who contact you to present products (you are blogger so you receive regular press releases) .
We’ll have to do the mass mailing!

4. Use of a kind e-mail
To go faster and contact a maximum number of partners, make an email type you will just have to copy / paste and send.

5. Be original and diversify gifts
For a year of Frelia.com, I tried to be as eclectic as possible. Web services, gifts bloggers, High Tech products, etc. … Looking for originality!

6. Bloggers are friends, we must love them too!
Bloggers are generally very open to this kind of operation so do not hesitate to go to them and ask them to participate. For my part, I had asked them 15 days to insert 125 × 125. All I have answered without hesitation and in the hours that followed.

7. Do not offer the best gift the first day!
Once you have your gift list, do a sort and choose in what order you want the offer. For my part, I chose a phrase: “always keep the best for last”!

8. Get organized
A birthday should be “square” and should not go in all directions. Gift from first to last, you will remain on the same way to win (a comment, a tweet …) and even how to draw lots (random.org is the best known but there are other ways).

9. Ask advice from a blogger
On the first anniversary of my blog, I was a little lost. Fortunately, Olivier, Semageek blog, gave me a good helping hand. I contacted him to get some information out as it also the anniversary of his blog.
Feel free to ask for help from the blogging community.

10. Make use of social networks
To show your ads to as many people as possible, leverage social networks. Twitter and Facebook are generally very good springboard for this type of operation.

And you, how did you organize the anniversary of your blog? Want to add further advice?


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