10 tips for digging up old articles on your blog

icon-wordpressIf you have an active blog, you may find that your old items fall mostly forgotten. In fact, they are buried under all the new articles you write every day.
A simple example: if you write two articles a week, 100 total blog articles after a year! If they are not well indexed by Google, you can be sure that no one will read.
Here are 10 tips for digging up your old articles of your blog …

1. Develop an idea
If you wrote an article that has received some attention a few weeks ago, try to create again by bringing additional information. This article will of course refer to the original. You can also use the comments of your readers as fuel for the new section, which will encourage further comment.

2. contradict
Instead, why you can not attack the subject from a completely different angle.
You decide that your original point of view was false and explain in your new article on why and how!

3. Update your old articles
It is necessary because the old article is the fist one that indexed and most searched by people. Be sure that you update it nicely.

4. Create a thematic article
If you write a lot about a specific topic, consider creating a ticket collecting your best articles. This is what I do on Around the Tutorial with my series of tutorials for WordPress. As I ponds as a new tutorial, I update the article gathering all.

5. Keep the comments open
Some blogs are closing comments after an article or past date. In many cases, it is good practice to reduce spam (moderation makes it easier). In some cases, however, these items can boost an old discussion, reviving the article or even give the inspiration for a new ticket.

6. Start a series of articles devoted to archives
Since I started on Around the web, I always seeks a way to revive my archives. Since November, I finally found a solution that seems interesting (the comments I received I have confirmed). I set up a series entitled A year ago on Around the Web. Every month now, I highlight a selection of ten articles that were of a year.

7. Recycle on social networks
Facebook and Twitter are great platforms out your old articles. With Facebook, you can take two minutes of your time to find an old article and promote it on your Facebook Fan page (I have not found any automated solution so if someone knows one that manifests itself in the comments).
Whereas with Twitter, why can not install a WordPress plugin (Tweet Old Post) that will automatically manage the system by picking an article in your archives and the tweeter (I personally am not a fan of this process).

8. Popular items / categories / Archives / Similar items
This trick is pretty basic, yet I can still come across blogs that do not offer such options! Give everything a visitor needs. Put yourself in the shoes of a new player who lands on your blog. While appreciating the content that you propose to him he goes searching in every corner of your blog?
The most important option to me is the “archives”. Even a blog with four months of service must provide the wink icon 10 tips for digging up old articles on your blog

9. Propose a “Best Of”
Periodically, I update tab on Best of the Web Around. And when I look at my stats, I see a number of visitors come here to take a look. I’m not saying that we must list all of your blog on this tab, but just remember the best of the best!
Good only problem to add strength to it’s starting to overflow! I had beautiful catalog them by subject, I find it a bit of a mess … I am looking for how to fix it

10. Buy a shovel and a pick!
Certainly the best 10 tips … Dig Articles by hand!
Well, ok, I admit that I had only 9 points. I did not like the title, is indeed necessary to find a solution …

And you, what did you put in place to make live records of your blog?

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