10 tips to becoming a productive blogger

productive bloggerI often hear people say they have no time to do. In fact, it’s not time they need, it’s just a total restructuring of the way they work. As some of you know, I have two sisters. Still, my pace of writing remains constant: 1 item per day. That’s a lot of work I admit, but if I do it I like it. I take great pleasure to write articles and share them with you.

Over time, I learned to blog quickly and, I hope, though (you be the judge). To help you go straight to the point, here are 10 tips to becoming a productive blogger

1. Don’t just reading and take action!
Reading is important, but at some point, it should still move on! It is important to stop and to implement some of the things that you have read. If you do not have time to use what you learned, nothing will change and you stagnate.

2. Don’t just checking your statistics!
Google Analytics, Google Adsense, number of subscribers to your Twitter account or Facebook. Have you calculated the time you spend checking your statistics? Us, what’s the point? Learn to control yourself. If you really desire persists, do you set a precise date or time for this kind of thing but do not look more than once a day.

3. Start with the most important tasks!
You must focus your energy on tasks that have the greatest impact on your goals. For bloggers, the goal is usually to increase its readership. His task will be creating content. Start turning on your computer.

4. Cut social networks!
Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and all are specialists patacoufin snack time! At the time of writing, cut everything, you feel a real increase in productivity. One thing that really saves time, is to stop looking at my emails. As for statistics, go for it as little time on it or with fixed hours.

5. Give yourself a reward!
After working non-stop for a long time, give yourself a treat reward you’ve earned. Well yes, dear readers, we are all stupid! To reach the previous point, why you can not check your email or your Twitter account, keeping good!

6. Do not get distracted!
With the Internet, it is very easy to be distracted and wasting precious hours. RSS reader, sending tweets, comments on other blogs, everything is subject to distract you. Learn to stay focused. You have a purpose, not five!

7. Addition to its more picture!
TV, radio, music, cut you in the world. Be in a quiet place and take your ease. Ditto for the laptop, cut it! Hint: I usually switch to airplane mode to avoid being disturbed.

8. Use a task manager!
I used a few months now Tasks on iPhone. Unfortunately, after an unfortunate update I had to hide on This Task. And I confess not to be disappointed. Its advantages: free, online service + iPhone application and sync beautiful interface. Use such tools.

9. Forget your task manager!
Yes, I know, I just said the opposite of the previous point! But add too, you will saturate. Use these tools properly. Add the tasks that really will bring you satisfaction.

10. Take care of your health!
Eat healthy foods. Exercise. Get enough sleep. A healthy lifestyle will help make you more energetic and will improve your productivity to reach the ultimate goal: to save you time.

11. (Bonus) Become an insomniac!
Well what? It is also a solution, right?

What did you set up to be productive on your blog? Do you want advice?

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