10 tools to enrich Dropbox

Dropbox is a fantastic original Web service. It allows you to access all your documents online, as long as you have an Internet connection at your side (who does not today?). However, the “storage service in the cloud” could go even further by offering a few more options: creating a site hosted on Dropbox, automatic storage of documents, sending attachments directly to an account parts, etc..


Meanwhile, Dropbox active stuff, I invite you to discover these 10 tools to enrich Dropbox

1 . SortMyBox

SortMyBox helps you sort your Dropbox the best possible way and according to your rules. It automatically moves your files in different folders you have created. For example, a jpg or png file will be moved to the “Photos ” folder. Once you have completed the settings , this tool becomes your ” maid ” !
2 . BoxCryptor

If you store sensitive or personal files in your Dropbox account , then it is high time to ask about their safety !
BoxCryptor is a tool that protects your data in the cloud . To do this , it uses the standard AES-256 to encrypt and protect your data.
3 . ifttt

Ifttt is an online service that allows you to automate operations on all major social networks and Web application , including Dropbox. Examples: save your Instagram photos in Dropbox. Or save the URL of a YouTube video that you specify ” A watch later.”ifttt-google-drive-500x375

4 . DropPages

This tool allows you to host your website on your Dropbox account. Just share a Dropbox folder called ” lenomdevotresite.droppages.com ” . Subsequently, a confirmation email will be sent to you the good development of your website. You can start to download and edit the contents of the Dropbox folder for customizing your website.droppages

5. DropboxPortableAHK

If you travel often or you regularly use public computers , so it is imperative you get this software . DropboxPortableAHK Dropbox allows you to run from your USB drive !dropboxportableahk

6 . Otixo

Like me, I think you do not have one online storage. While Dropbox is excellent, it is best to mate with another department. If you are in this case, then Otixo will make you a debt of gratitude ! This tool allows you to manage all storage services in the cloud in the same place . It is compatible with Dropbox , Box, SkyDrive , Google Drive, SugarSync , Picasa, CX , Amazon S3 , among others.otixo

7 . Writebox

Writebox is a text editor online . It connects to your Dropbox folder and allows you to search , create and edit files in your account. It is a handy tool for taking notes .writebox

8 . URL Droplet

URL Droplet is a tool that allows you to quickly send a file to your Dropbox account. You specify the URL and save the Web service does the rest .url-droplet

9 . SaveMyInbox

Attachments to an email are usually important pieces . Invoices, photographs , personal documents, as many documents as you would not want to lose . To avoid the worst , use SaveMyInbox , a free online application that automatically backs up your Gmail attachments in Dropbox.savemyinbox-500x375

10 . IOS / Android

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Any file stored in your Dropbox is available on all your computers, your smartphone or your tablet . Do not forget to download the free application on the appropriate operating system!dropbox-ios-android

What tool did you install to enrich Dropbox?

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