10 tools to send large files to friends

Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and other email providers do not allow users to send large files via email. The maximum limit in all of these email services is 20 to 25 MB Admit that it can be a bit limited for uploading videos (holiday, not illegally downloaded movies huh icon wink 10 tools to send large files to friends), compilations of photographs or other heavy file. If you’re stuck and you have no idea of how to proceed, here are 10 tools to send large files to your friendspartager

1. FileFactory

File Factory allows you to transfer files from 300 MB. The advantage is that you can upload multiple files (up to 25) at a time, from your computer or from a remote server.

2. YouSendIt

YouSendIt is a file sharing service. You can download and share files of 100 MB in size. The site contains a form that sends an email containing your file from the website home page. One file will be available for download for only 7 days!

3. Drop.io

Drop.io accepts files of 100 MB in size. Some additional options as a Firefox extension or protection by a password are available.

4. TransferBigFiles

TransferBigFiles allows you to send large files of 1 GB by e-mail. Files can be protected by password and a personal note can be added. When your friends will download the file, you will be notified by e-mail. You can send to multiple recipients downloaded file with a single click.

5. File Dropper

File Dropper explodes counters that enables you to store a file of 5 GB You can download movies, videos, photos, but only one file at a time (you’ll have to create archives to go faster). After downloading the file, you will be offered a link to share with your friends. Note that this service requires no registration.

6. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a simple service in a very clear interface where you expect 2GB free.

7. Tonsho

Tonsho is a strange service you use any standard email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, and the site is responsible for storing (up to 100MB) file to send.

8. DropSend

DropSend offers 2GB for free with a limit of 5 file uploads per month.

9. FileSocial

FileSocial is a service dedicated to Twitter because it allows to accommodate (up to 50MB) directly and share the link on Twitter.

10. 1file

Presented there a few days on Jakuri’s Blog 1file offers 10GB storage to send files from January to May. Very easy to use, download remain active for 60 days.

And you, how do you share large files?

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