11 tips to make your blog caressed by Google in the right direction of hair growth

Having a blog is a great thing. Say you write for your readers is a stunning experience. For my part, I wonder still be present on the Web. Blogging has become a real pleasure for me. And even if I took a spanking on my traffic by Granpa Google, I used to try anything to recover. I do not throw in the towel so easily Mr search engine. I will also show you with these 11 tips to make your blog caressed by Google in the right direction of the hair


Tip 1: Write more

Some mad scientists have studied the problem and studies show that a regularly updated blog gets a lot more traffic a blog left for dead! Google gives a higher priority to websites with fresh content so update your blog at least once a week. So, write as many as you can.

Tip 2: Use social media

Share each new blog article on your social networks. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest are among the best in terms of traffic. If you do not have time to spend, automate the process. For example, try the online service of Dlvr.

Tip 3: Integrate high keywords

For every ticket written blog, try to focus on a phrase or keyword. Incorporate it in the title, content, image, URL, etc.. Google is not a human being, he needs keywords to understand what you write!

Tip 4: Take the time to write the title

Pay particular attention to the title of your article. It is the first thing your readers realize. Good titles attract readers. Readers attract traffic! Traffic attracts money. Etc..

Tip 5: Include an image

A picture not only allows you to make your article more visually appealing, but it can also include keywords in the Alt tag. To find beautiful free images.

Tip 6: Add a video

Google owns YouTube. This site is the largest video platform entire Internet! A video is an opportunity for you to generate more traffic to your blog.

Tip 7: Customize your e-mail signature

I have been using for some time now an e-mail signature. I added my social as well as the RSS feed of my blog networks. It automatically generates the final published article. When I reply to an email, I add my signature and voila! WiseStamp is the best service in this field. The free option allows you to customize two e-mails.

Tip 8: Add social sharing buttons

Your blog should live. And if it is your readers who do live in your place, it’s even better! At the top or bottom of your articles (or even both), be sure to include social sharing buttons: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others. Also invite your readers end of the article to do so.

Tip 9: Aerate your content

WordPress offers different layouts. Use these options to aerate your content. Space where you need it, put bulleted lists, place subtitles, etc..

Tip 10: Write articles guests

Find other blogs in the same topic as your blog. Give them content worthy of the name as an article called. If the site has a large audience, you can bet that readers will go for a ride on your blog to learn a little more about you and your content!

Tip 11: Invite bloggers to write for you

And why not open your doors for others add content to your blog? Having a multi-editors or invite others to blog for you blog, this is a trick that can get you traffic. Unlike the previous tip, it is the other bloggers who write for you.

BONUS Tip: Have fun!

If your readers feel that it is a chore for you to update your blog, let me tell you they will feel it … and leave the ship! Have fun and do not take yourself above your head with your blog. Come, all heart with me “!! When he farts and he pierces her panties … and when he farts he pierces her panties”

Do you know any other tricks to caressed by Google in the right direction of the hair?

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