11 tools to do the monitoring on a blog (or site)

monitoring-site-blog-If your blog or site down (I prefer to call it “modar” in my language XD), that means a catastrophe! If you’re at your computer, you notice the outage. But if you’re traveling, which tells you? There are online solutions that allow you to be alerted to any failure. SMS or email, some even warn you that your blog on Twitter is “out”!

Here are 11 tools to do the monitoring on a blog (or site)

1. Pingdom
Pingdom is the tool that I use on Around the Web. It’s responded with a quarter turn and offers a free package that allows you to monitor a website and 20 SMS alerts. Personally, I set the alerts, it does it well too!

2. Uptime Robot
Uptime Robot allows you to monitor up to 50 websites for free. You will receive alerts by e-mail, SMS, Twitter, RSS or push notifications on iPhone / iPad during an outage.

3. service Uptime
Uptime service alerts you within seconds via e-mail or SMS when your site becomes inaccessible. A free account allows you to monitor a site by checking every 30 minutes.

4. tagBeep
tagBeep allows you to monitor up to 50 sites for free. The service checks your site every minute and sends an email, a text or Tweet to warn you of an error.

5. 100pulse
100pulse allows you to monitor two sites for free with a minimum interval of 15 minutes.

6. Free Site Status
Free Site Status offers a free account with a single site and check every 60 minutes.

7. SiteUptime
SiteUptime to monitor a website in its free version. The check interval is 30 minutes and a report is provided for any technical failure.

8. Monitor.us
Monitor.us is a nice free tool. It offers unlimited surveillance and has over 77 tools. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of your website.

9. Site 24 × 7
The free account is a bit too restrained for my taste, but Site 24 × 7 is a tool that can also conduct surveillance of Internet sites.

10. Montastic
Montastic allows you 3 sites and monitoring every 30 minutes.

11. Host Tracker
Host Tracker is an ancient tool for remote monitoring and control of site accessibility. His free offer allows you to look up 2 sites every 30 minutes. In addition, a report is sent to you according to your settings (monthly, yearly, etc..).

And you, what service do you use to do the monitoring on your site or blog?


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