13 tips to make 2014 your best year of blogging

Beginning of each year brings new resolutions. We take to be like everyone else, and they never take … like everyone else too!
With 2014 coming around the corner, it’s time to make a big decision and stick to it: make 2014 your best year of blogging! To help you, here are 13 tips …


  1. Get a supply of items: the tiredness or unexpected happen too often. In these cases, your reserve items will save your life!
  2. Publish content daily: write, publish! Write, publish! Write, publish! It’s easy right?
  3. Be open-minded: you say that blogging can bring you a lot. Fame, money
  4. Be professional: If you want professional results on your blog, then think like a pro.
  5. Focus on your content: “Content is King”! You’ve probably heard this phrase. It takes its full extent in this list of tips.
  6. Organize your days: do not disperse you. Stay focused on the tasks that advance your blog.
  7. Personalize your blog: your readers do they know? Do they know something about you? Do not be afraid to disclose some little secrets about your life, it will prove one thing: there is a human being behind your blog!
  8. Share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Newsletters, Pinterest, do not hesitate to propel your content on all fronts.
  9. Organize your blog: categories, pages, articles, differentiate good all the options WordPress offers.
  10. Analyze your blog statistics: Google Analytics is free, exploit it to the last drop!
  11. Think about SEO: take the time to optimize your content. I will not give you a lecture on it, there are enough articles on the subject. Do the best you can.
  12. Earn Money: Yes, it is possible to earn money with a blog. Google Adsense, affiliate programs, sponsored posts, sales training, membership, test what works … and what does not work!
  13. Don’t stop right here: do not give up! Although visits are rare, continue to work.

What advice would you give to make 2014 the best year of blogging?

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