15 facts and figures you need to know about Twitter

Twitter celebrated its eighth anniversary in March 2014. Microblogging giant has come a long way since the first tweet from co-founder Jack Dorsey Twitter in March 2006.’s Favorite celebrities and media social network. Twitter came into our lives without even realizing it. Indeed, that is what it now shocked to see a hashtag on TV? Person!

But that is not the issue. Today I want to present a summary of its graphics and 15 facts and figures you need to know about Twitterchiffres-twitter-2014

  1. 300 billion Tweets were sent
  2. Tweets with an image receiving five times more commitment
  3. There are more than 20 million fake Twitter accounts
  4. 241 million monthly active users on Twitter
  5. 184 million users are on mobile
  6. The price of Trend sponsored for 24 hours costs 200 000 dollars
  7. China is the country with the most users : 35.5 million
  8. Katy Perry is the queen of Twitter with over 51 million subscribers
  9. 2,000 employees are in Twitter
  10. 170 minutes is the average time per month spent by users
  11. 63% of brands have multiple Twitter accounts
  12. YouTube is the most followed brand with over 40 million subscribers
  13. 208 is the average number of subscribers per user
  14. Twitter has a market capitalization of approximately $ 27 billion
  15. Photo of Ellen DeGeneres is the most Oscar ReTweeted of all time with 3.4 million retweets !

Source : Dashburst.

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