20 tips to stay motivated in blogging

I’ve already said, I think blogger as the best job in the world! But it happens a few times of not knowing exactly where you are going. If you are in this case, here are 20 tips to stay motivated in the blogging


1. Remember the well-being felt after finalizing an Article

Nothing to think about and you are motivated to again for the next session!

2. Time just for yourself

Is not it great to spend a few hours a week to yourself for your projects?

3. Enjoy!

Blogging should be a moment of pure pleasure. If this is not the case, choose a niche different from yours. Blog about what you love and do wonders.

4. Planning yourself

Your blog does not attract a lot of visitors? Visualize yourself in a few months when there will be lining up at your blog to enter!

5. Read other blogs

The passion of another blogger is something very motivating. Some of my friends have started to turn in the blogging after reading Around the Web! I love sharing my passion for blogging (this article is a perfect example).

6. The success stories

Successes of others are incredibly challenging. When you come across a site with success stories, read them mandatory.

7. Forums

Raise the monthly challenges some forums. Go take a daily walk and share your experience. Not only does it push you to prove your power, but readers will also encourage you to do better.

8. The adrenaline rush

Your adrenaline rises when you blog. It is what allows you to go at your writing sessions.

9. Deep relaxation

You get home from work as a battery? Ask yourself on your keyboard, write and all your worries will go away!

10. A partner of blogging

Nothing more motivating!

11. A “guru” of blogging

Follow the example of someone who knows the area well, it will encourage you to do the same.

12. Keep a diary

Write down everything you do. Analyze the successes but also failures and serve you.

13. From Guest Blogging

Prepare the biggest item you’ve ever done. Submit to the blogger number one in your category (niche). The Fallout will not wait!

14. The guilt of not writing

I hate having remorse. Just as I remember to want to get back to my keyboard to write.

15. statistics

Do not waste time to double check your statistics by day, it is useless! You can better judge the evolutionary curve of your statistics only once a week. Instead, use this time to write.

16. A goal

And no more! Eg Around the Web, my goal is one article per day.
Set a specific targets to help stay motivated purpose. However, does not set the bar too high.

17. encouragement

Prominently display the words of encouragement on your desktop. Change your wallpaper and put something motivating.

18. the rewards

Reward your efforts by offering small gifts. That you refocus on your goals.

19. Sharing your loved ones

Advertise your loved ones that you have opened a blog and show them that you can do great things.


When someone appreciate one of your articles, it will feel by leaving a comment. Your morale will be in good shape and make you want to keep writing.

Besides, I’m sure after reading this last point, you’ll rush you to leave me a comment, I’m wrong?

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