20 ways to fail in blogging

Blogging, it is not so simple as that in looks. Between fishing for information, writing, formatting of the article, optimization and promotion, there is not much time for yourself. Many rubs to blogging, but very few succeeded. Moreover, most beginners bloggers throw in the towel after a few months. History to take the lead, I found good to meet you 20 ways to fail in blogging


Poor titles: should attract the reader’s eye. Take the time to write your title. Write in more if necessary and choose the one that will have the greatest impact.

No “About” page: your readers want to know maximum about you and your blog. Add a page where you enter your journey.

Too many ads: pubs have is good. Not having it is better! I know I’m not an example to follow in Around the Web. There are two inserts Adsense. A top and bottom of each article. I try not to get too upset.

No social icon: as a blogger, you must necessarily be on social networks. It is the ideal place to share your content. And to put forward your profiles, nothing better than to add icons to your blog.

No links to your articles: a blog to be alive. The problem is that your articles are stacked on top of each other. How to find an article from 6 months old? It is best to make links to your old blog posts.

Having a bad optimization: Google is full of articles on optimization with search engine (or SEO). If you have trouble on it, take the time to study the problem. Your goal is to be visible on the Internet!

Articles without image: add color to your articles. Let them live with some images. Remember a picture is worth 1000 words!

Bad writing style: punctuate your articles. Put them in shape. Pay attention to the spelling mistakes, etc..

No “list” your article you are just going to read one! You know, I’m very fond of this kind of articles around the web.

No plan for the future: what will you do for your blog? Where will he go? Do you have a plan for the future? Planning yourself in six months or a year to answer these questions.

Having too many categories over time, you will scatter. Set up a dozen categories dice maximum opening your blog. Do not go mixing me a recipe with your latest blog iPad Mini!

A sidebar too crowded: do not put all the latest widgets trendy. Not only will you get drunk your readers, but also you are going to paddle your blog!

No relationship with your readers when you have comments, take 5 to 10 minutes in the day to respond. You will be happy because there is nothing more annoying than talking in a vacuum!

No social presence: remember that a blog is nothing without all the trappings of social network. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and the rest. Go ahead, it’s free!

No promotion: there is a just community. It must be neither too much nor too little! Ok, I go … No, in fact I encourage you to promote each new article on social networks (including those listed in paragraph just above).

Does not reaching out: the blogosphere is a family! If you wish to enter, you have to brush bloggers in the direction of hair growth. The blogger’s favorite thing? A link to an article icon wink 20 ways to fail in blogging

No perseverance: a blog usually takes time to take off. Every time we wonder, I must say that a year before the blog makes its hole. Be patient.

A stock item to zero: When you’re blogging, do it. Stop when you’re really exhausted. The advantage is that you have a good supply of items at your fingertips. In case of a disk, you can publish it.

Do not read one of the main activities of the blogger is to seek information. Google Reader is a powerful feed reader. Subscribe to all blogs that deal with the same subject as you and have story ideas.

Do not publish article last important point to this list, the publication! It should be your only concern of the day!

In your opinion, what are the ways to fail in blogging?

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