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Rotary Watches Collection

Do you like to wear some accessories like a rotary watches? For some people, that is an essential thing because they have different reason to wear it. Simply, the watches are not only used for show about current time, but it considered as a precious artwork and become a self-pride or make the wearers more […]

Buy Used Fords Instead Brand Name Cars

We use cars for our transportation and several purpose. For all of your needs, why not to get some car for you? Most of you must be feels that impossible to buy a brand new car by cash because of your financial status. Yeah I know and understand that’s an impossible to you right now, […]

Happy Birthday, Myself, Marsha

May 7th, today is my birthday, 16th birthday… and that’s the reason why my last digit of mobile number are 0507, hihihi… Before my birthday, I didn’t got any present but I must treat ALL of my classmates at the restaurant, so I got my money runs out from my pocket XD. Also, at least […]

How To Install Hymmnos Letter In Photoshop

Well, this time I want to fulfilling my friend’s request about how to install Hymmnos letter in her Photoshop. For you, Ar Tonelico lover, this tips could useful. In your Photoshop, you must be find several fonts such as Arial, Verdana, New Times Roman, Comic Sans,and much more that used to make a letter, decorating […]

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