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WordPress, translation – Translate site WordPress and its plugins in several languages

With the ambition to discover your wonderful site in the world, you’ve probably stumbled on the problem of the translation. The task may indeed prove difficult, if not for your poor language skills, explore the miles of new pages that you’ve laid for the different structures can batter your brains recent available. You will find […]

How to synchronize Twitter to FeedBurner

FeedBurner is a service management RSS bought by Google in 2007. It must be one of the best management tools and not for nothing that he has become the perfect companion for all bloggers. With many options (that we do certainly not enough) who are his strength, he is back today with a new feature: […]

Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is an Alcohol and Drug Healing program settled in Malibu, California. We consider basic issues in your life cause alcohol and drug addiction. The addiction is an indication, not the problem. The function of the Passages Malibu is to recommend a place for people to learn, handle & understand addiction it tested when […]

Facebook, The Most Visited After Google

Facebook! The month of January was fateful for Yahoo! since it just passed on the third place behind the social network Facebook, which is the second most visited site in the United States after Google … The data come from the firm and reveals two distinct things:

Portable applications and essential for your USB

Today, USB devices are less expensive. In line of sight, the small USB key that can be an excellent solution to embed their documents, photos, videos, in short, everything you take to heart. A backup tool certainly, but not that. When connecting to another computer (that of a friend, relative or an Internet cafe) it […]

6 WordPress Plugins For Facebook

I recently posed the question as to open a Facebook page for Around the Web. I started my research and I realized that many plugins exist to facilitate the integration of a WordPress blog to this immense social platform. I’ve obviously noted on my little secret notebook and you’ve made a list. Here are 6 […]

Custom Recipe of Chocolate Pocky

Known for Glico in Indonesia, for me, they are lovely pocky! But whatever name we give them, these little sticks of chocolate biscuits are always a delight! I am fan for a while now, but they are not available anywhere … Asian grocery stores or shops, sushi restaurant … So, imagine my delight when I […]

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