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10 tools to send large files to friends

Gmail, Yahoo, MSN and other email providers do not allow users to send large files via email. The maximum limit in all of these email services is 20 to 25 MB Admit that it can be a bit limited for uploading videos (holiday, not illegally downloaded movies huh icon wink 10 tools to send large […]

White Magik, 45 finest effect of spherical social icons

New week, new set of social icons. This week I present a set of icons very well done, and finish with a game including a very nice shadows. A software called White Magik is a set of social icons in shape of white spheres. This group represents the largest social networks and Webware: Blogger / […]

Penetration of Facebook over the years

Facebook is undoubtedly the social network reference. Its development in recent years has been forced to walk in the world. Created in 2004, Facebook now claims (09 March 2010) over 400 million users worldwide. Between 2004 and 2009, growth has been exponential as indicated in the figures below, whose data are based on Google Insight, […]

Choosing the right brand name

The name of the product / service is particularly important on the Internet, being the product / service. The brand must have a name of its own and not a generic name. Like a traditional marketing strategy, you must build a strong brand with its own identity and own personality. If a generic brand does […]

How to submit your blog to Google News

Google News is a service that provides a compilation of articles published by many news sources speaking from 8 categories headlights: In one, International, United States, Business, Science / Tech, Sports, Culture and Health. If you treat one of these categories, it would be wise to submit your site or blog. Here are a few […]

Firefox plugin to change colors of a site on the fly

Color selection of a site is crucial. But finding the right color is not easy. It is often necessary to go through extensive testing and numerous manipulations of CSS style sheets. Of course there are many plugins for browsers, to change values on the fly and thus to rapid tests. But little in his specialty […]

Karaoke on YouTube with Tubeoke

Raaa karaoke, what a wonderful invention! Hear your friends, family members or colleagues to jobs is ridiculous in the middle of your living room or in a pub, magic! Fortunately, now these people will definitely stay home and let our ears quiet since Tubeoke is a new free online service that allows to perform his […]

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