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Bathrooms need to provide a custom furniture, functionality and sophistication

Customize bathrooms are not complete without furniture, and custom installations. Whether building a shower from scratch in a new home or renovating an existing structure can, by individual furniture has a long way in meeting the special needs of owners and to go in achieving the desired look. A major advantage of the use of […]

Show the number of online visitors on your blog

UserOnline is an extension allowing you to view and see the number of users, guest (s) and spam your blog in real time. In the plugin options you can customize the text, singular and plural categories of visitors, such as robots, members and ordinary visitors (guest (s)). The plugin has a page of options and […]

Facebook in your WordPress comments

Facebook Comments is an extension that allowing you to integrate a module connection semi-automatic review in addition to the module of your WordPress installation. The option to complete replacement of the module “Comment” of WordPress is being developed, but the extension allows you to easily connect with members of their Facebook account. The visitors did […]

The most popular items from your Blog

Popular Posts is an extension that lets you view and display in your articles or in your WordPress sidebar widget available through the most popular items from your Blog. In the options of extending a module containing four tabs, you can view popular items of the day, week, month or all. A good way to […]

Customizing car with body kit

It’s getting more and more pop for citizenry to spend money to customize their automobiles. One of the best modes to customize your car is to add up a body kit. Before you buy a good body kit there are some things you require to conceive. There are 3 significant decisions you will require to […]

The passion of bloggers beginners

One day while I was bored, I started to read my first articles on blogging, and I was surprised by the innocence of their content. This allows me to understand its course in blogging over the long term we will be successful or not. My first articles were just paved with large text without any […]

Blogging: What a great content?

All bloggers will tell you that we must write good content for a successful blog, but what is its definition? How does one determine a good content? Does the text must be long or short? Simple or complex? Despite the fact that we can create a profile for great content, we can talk about key […]

Choose between Blogger and WordPress

The main question when starting a blog is what platform to choose. Some choose to go directly to a paid hosting to their domain name, but solutions are free for those who do not want to bother with technicalities. Blogging at platform is the most used due to its strength, and many stars […]

How to Pass a Drug Test

These days, drug testing is becoming more popular. It is common for an employer to request a urine sample to detect illicit drugs before employment, probation officers make random drug tests if they are on probation or house arrest, parents use in screening home drug kits to see if children are using drugs. How to […]

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