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MySpace and Facebook, a new alliance in pursuit of entertainment

MySpace holds a mashup with Facebook, which seems to make more the first time they try to remember the “glory” before the appearance of giant Zuckerberg. In October, MySpace had already begun to take steps to avoid being compared with Facebook, even though at first was the classic rival network of Zuckerberg. Thus began to […]

Facebook confirms its email platform for the coming months

The war between Google and Facebook is far from over, because not only are going to have to see how the search giant keeps online users to provide their data to the network through your email (Gmail), but also will to see how Facebook undertake the creation of a new platform that will provide email […]

Crate buys the house and protection

The dog is like a friend of its owner. Once a dog is great because it’s always encouraging to read and make him happy. In each dog, the faces of the owners have the same problem with AM care for a dog. You have to think about your dog food, shelter, health and housing. dog […]

How the attic is can help you save money by saving energy at home

Attic tents are designed using a patented process for the isolation, to bring out a roadblock between the air and transfer to the bounce and the balance of the house heat. Constructed with materials resistant to fire, the blocks of limbo involved outward movement of the hot air in winter and hot air in summer. […]

Professional Wedding Photography

A wedding requires many preparations to make it an unforgettable day: the dress, invitations, menus, flowers … But if there is something to choose with special care, that is a professional wedding photographer. Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and have a professional photo shoot is the best gift […]

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