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Is Wikileaks illegal?

Paypal, Amazon, Swiss Post, Visa and Mastercard have all announced they were suspending their services to Wikileaks illegal content. This accusation is completely false, because it’s not that Wikileaks has stolen documents, but Bradley Manning, a U.S. intelligence analyst. Another accusation is that Wikileaks endangers the lives of American soldiers, but so is the media […]

Bloggers and the blogs after death

What is a blog after the death of the blogger? Presumably it is something insignificant, but a blog is a bit of our life. Imagine all these articles and comments have generated heated discussions. How to leave the state? A blog about quitting is a sad spectacle! One technique is to publish an article-will that […]

The journalist is it better than the blogger?

It’s an endless debate, so why not give a layer? What is the role of bloggers in the world of information? Is it more believable that a reporter? I would say yes in some cases. The blogger and the journalist have the passion of the information in all its forms. But the reporter is forced […]

Facebook is against anonymity on the Web

Facebook said it was against anonymity on the Web because it opens the door to all kinds of excesses. We know that Facebook suspended the fake accounts such that user named Yoda, but he wants to go further in combating anonymity in all its forms. The problem is that Facebook Connect allows the option to […]

Blogging is (not) your life

Some blogging out of passion, others to make money, and finally the last attempt to reconcile the two. What a beautiful art that you can write what you love while getting paid? But some bloggers think they are so serious that they forget to live. They believe that their blog is their life, and they […]

3 Reasons to use a payday loan company

How to choose a good domain for my website?

One of the first decisions made when developing a Web project is to choose an appropriate domain name for the website. The domain will be the brand that we represent you in the network. Lightly Choose a domain name can bring future failures in the strategy of promoting a site. To do this we must […]

How to make hair grow fast

In this post we give you ideas on how to make hair grow very fast, first of all should know that the hair needs a time of growth and that nothing is an overnight, but if you’re so impatient with a little attention and perseverance can help your hair grow gradually and also prevent it […]

Cues – pool cues to the best buy for a good look

What you need to understand that they have their own Joss Pool Cues is the best way to learn the game in less time. First among cues are they can get an idea on the handle, the weight and size of the signal? The most important thing, before it is for the purchase of the […]

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