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The Toolbox for Webmasters

The job of Webmaster is not an easy one. Between the creation, integration and development of a website, you need many tools to arrive at something clean. The problem is that you know the best addresses. Now, you will have to retain only one: The Toolbox, a veritable toolbox for the Webmaster … The Toolbox […]

11 tools to do the monitoring on a blog (or site)

If your blog or site down (I prefer to call it “modar” in my language XD), that means a catastrophe! If you’re at your computer, you notice the outage. But if you’re traveling, which tells you? There are online solutions that allow you to be alerted to any failure. SMS or email, some even warn […]

5 extensions to take full advantage of Twitter on Google Chrome

Twitter is undoubtedly the only social network in the world that gives us access to a wealth of information. Google Chrome has become the most used browser in the world, it seemed normal to an article to get by! Here are 5 extensions to take full advantage of Twitter on Google Chrome …

8 crucial steps to implement after installing WordPress

After installing WordPress, you still have a long way to go before reaching the top! Even if all the bloggers will tell you that “WordPress is a great platform,” she wonders, however, a few personal touches. You installed WordPress and be ready to start? Check these 8 key steps to implement after installing WordPress : […]

8 reasons that make Google Docs the best ally of bloggers

Since I started in blogging, I use Google Docs to write and save my articles. Google’s office suite has under the hood and really is appealing any blogger! You want proof? Here are eight reasons that make Google Docs the best ally of bloggers … 1. It’s free! Definitely THE reason that makes it one […]

10 reasons why your blog moldy!

A blog is like a house: you must maintain it or it rots! If you lose your readers and your subscribers is that it is high time to react. You’re in luck because I found you 10 reasons why your blog moldy. Let’s take a look for these and you’ll get a revelation 🙂

5 online services for designers and Web developers

Be a designer or web developer is not easy. Meet customer requirements, create custom sites, it is necessary to anticipate and innovate. Analysis, creativity and rigor are often the key words. History to simplify certain tasks, I dug up five online services for web designers and developers. Let’s take a look on 5 online services […]

The folly of pocky

Pocky is the equivalent of Mikado for European people! These are very fine sticks usually covered with chocolate or strawberry, hazelnut … It’s very famous in Japan, the Mikado at French. Today, I wanted to tell you about the Deco Den on Pocky is a kind of food DecoDen. The Japanese Pocky decorate with glitter […]

Bloggers: Here are 10 important things you forget too often

Although nobody has yet found the silver bullet to the first position in search engines, there are however some tips that, once implemented, allow you to stand out. Yet I know some bloggers (you who read me may sometimes forget the basics. This article is not a magic potion, it was written simply to put […]

How to travel safely with a laptop on you

When traveling, it’s probably your most expensive, most fragile and most cumbersome. It is also a particularly popular and many fragile. And then, cybercrime poses a real problem. Here are some basic rules to follow based on my traveling experience … In public places: If you work at a public table, I advise you to […]

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