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Surge suppressor for your office

A typical office space has a lot of expensive electronic equipment such as computers, servers, routers, peripherals and other devices. It is important to provide proper protection for all of these devices. Cyber security only protects the software of computers and networks. The reality is that the sensitive electronic components in all computers and connected […]

An innovative printing solution

Businesses operating in the digital age need to properly manage all aspects of their documents through traditional devices and computers. Printing, copying and faxing are done frequently in office settings. However, the costs of these tasks can add up quickly and put strain on any business budget. Using multifunction systems allows businesses to print, copy, […]

14 wallpapers to celebrate the new year 2014

There are only a few days before saying goodbye to 2013. For my part, I had a wonderful year with many projects to fruition. I hope that 2014 will continue this momentum going. In any case, I wish for you too. And waiting for the famous countdown, I invite you to download the 14 wallpapers […]

Keybr, a free site to learn how to type faster on the keyboard

Working on a computer requires an intense workout typing. People who come to write with their ten fingers without looking at their screens are real magicians! For my part, I do not do that in the rules of art. If you also type with two fingers, then Keybr can become your new friend! This free […]

Flickr: new to export photos via a EMBED player

Flickr has long been an industry leader , but the service must now face competition increasingly fierce, and the emergence of a number of competing platforms. So he had to react and that is precisely what led him to launch in May a new purest nicer version and that showcases pictures . A new version […]

Top 10 Most Popular YouTube channels and videos in France in 2013

The end of 2013 is fast approaching. It is quite normal to find the rankings like the one I propose today. What were the best YouTube channels in France in 2013? And the most popular videos? Response more …

Spotify: new version approach with a darker interface

Spotify is running continuously at home, between 7 and 21h . It is possible that it goes well for you. If this is the case, then might as well say that this is your day. Why ? Just because its publisher is rolling out a new version of its various clients, a new expected on […]

Top 10 Cities and Places photographed on Instagram

2013 coming to an end. Instagram, the company acquired by Facebook for the astronomical amount of one billion dollars, has unveiled an appetizing rank! Indeed, what are the cities where users Instagram photograph the most? And places? All this is in the top 10 cities and most photographed places on Instagram …

Nitro Cloud, free online conversion service

I’m not the kind of guy to install software on a computer 50. I’m used to open a document or with an appropriate Web service, either by converting. Nitro Cloud is a free online conversion. So far, more than 79 million documents have been converted …

Instagram Direct: private messaging to send pictures and videos on Instagram

Instagram is my favorite iPhone app of the moment. The principle is simple: you share photos and small comments to your contacts. But U.S. startup (acquired last year for $ 1 billion) does not stop in so good way. In fact, she has just announced Instagram Direct: private messaging to send pictures and videos on […]

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