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3 sites to play Super Mario online

If you have thirty (like me) then you spent your days on Super Mario. The famous plumber has occupied much of my time kid. Now you can play countless games of your childhood from the Internet. All you have to do is find the best sites to do so. Look no further, they are compiled […]

Facebook vs Twitter: what they are worth on the market of the stock market?

When we talk about social networks, the two main returning to the mouth are Facebook and Twitter. These two giants have managed to win against a terrible concurrency. Released on 4 February 2004, Facebook is the pioneer. Twitter has not followed the March 21, 2006. Proud of his success, Facebook launched 17 May 2012 the […]

8 Best Practices to propel a Twitter account

Build a solid base of followers on Twitter is not an easy thing. You will necessarily if you start drooling! However, with a little common sense and some good advice, you can get the elite twittosphere. Remember one thing: you must give to receive. Here’s a little infographic that gives you the 8 best practices […]

5 online services to quickly compress images (without loss of quality)

If you are running a website or a blog, then you know how important images. The loading time of a page depends on the weight of an image. Plus it is heavier, the load will be long … logic! But the Internet offers as always very good tools to get by you. Today, there are […]

How old Gmail?

On 1 April 2004, Google introduced the beta version of its webmail feature, originally available only on invitation. Ten years later, Gmail has over 425 million users. In 2013, are 182 billion emails that were sent every day!  How old Gmail? 10 years, so happy birthday …

5 ways to deal with negative comments on a blog

A negative comment can quickly escalate a blog. Your readers, or even you’re probably not prepared for this kind of event. A heated debate is a step that every blogger knows sooner or later. The key is to know how to manage. Here are 5 ways to deal with negative comments on a blog ..

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