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SaveFrom: recover files from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and 40 more in 1 click

Not always easy to download YouTube video, music or document on SondCloud and SendSpace. You must either go through dozens of applications or extensions, or know the right Internet tool. This time, it’s on the web that we will turn. And in particular to the SaveFrom site that allows you to recover files from YouTube, […]

Industrial Blending Machines And Equipment

The manufacturing industry is continuously evolving thanks to major developments in digital and mechanical technology. There are always new ways to improve processes for manufacturing products and processing raw resources. Traditional techniques already exist to handle natural materials such as elements. However, there is an array of man made compounds that can be manipulated to […]

Search Engine: 11 alternatives beside Google

Google is the absolute search engine in Indonesia and in many countries around the world. And let’s be honest, it still works very well. So why would you want to change? Primarily by personal motivation: global espionage use of your personal data … Well, leaving Google is almost seen as a militant act. But where […]

How to nicely translate our website

At the time of internationalization, the problem sometimes arises to translate our website, several methods exist and are not all identical. Today I offer some solutions for this.

50 GREATEST sites which (maybe) you do not know its existence

The Web is vast. So vast that it would take decades to make the turn. But instead of wasting your time surfing the web, I decided to pull out my Magical Box: a list of GREATEST sites you probably do not know. Warning, this is heavy! Remember to keep the ones you like to your […]

Search for non-copyrighted photos in Google Images

In recent weeks, it is possible to simply find non-copyrighted images in Google Images. It has always been possible to do this in the search, but the functionality was hidden in the advanced search options that users never take the time to use. Now, a simple menu in the search tools used to filter royalty […]

GTA V: gross differences between PS3 and PS4

Since GTA V was announced on Playstation 4, fans of this game and will be glad to finally get rid of their PS3, they had carefully kept only for playing in the streets of Los Santos.

The blogger is not a whore

Blogger life is filled with interesting experience I can see for almost 8 years here and elsewhere. The first people with whom I communicate directly are firstly other bloggers, then my readers can come in third place, advertisers and advertising agencies.

iPhone 6: sapphire for 5.5-inch Gorilla Glass for the 4.7-inch model and a model launch scheduled for October?

The iPhone 6 will stop talking to him and this time it has nothing to do with the models and other coins in circulation on the web. No, these new rumors are now focused on the specifics of the next two mobile Apple products, and more specifically on the treatment of their screen and on […]

This camera can do 360-degree panoramic videos

The 360cam could become the first HD camera panning 360 degrees in the world. And besides, it is a French company that was the idea! The French company Giroptic just funded via the KickStarter website, a project of camera capable of capturing and disseminating photos and videos in HD 360 degrees. The device, simply called […]

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