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How to Replace Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are an integral part of any cabinet, dresser, or other piece of furniture that offers drawers. Typically made of plastic or metal, a drawer slide enables a drawer to glide in and out of its enclosure without friction. When a drawer glide begins to wear out or otherwise break, you’ll know: drawers will […]

How to Store and Move Liquids

To pump a liquid out of the ground, into your car or any one place to another, that fluid needs to be moved by force. Gravity doesn’t help when trying to extract oil or gas out of the ground and it could flow at an uncontrollable rate if gas or any other liquid is tipped […]

Keeping A Spare

When something in the company breaks, you might not have the parts that you need to repair the equipment. Spare parts can be purchased when you purchase the equipment so that you have everything you will need if something breaks. Spare parts are a good idea to have, especially if it’s something small, as anything […]

5 free apps to edit photos on social networks

We all know that social networks are widely used on the Web. One of the main sources is the photo sharing. Take the example with Instagram Every day, 55 million photos and videos are posted through the mobile application! So to achieve the best photos on social networks, here are five free apps …

A website for chronicling the history of the World Cup 1930-2010

In the midst of World Cup in Brazil, it is normal to see tumbling on the excellent websites. For the geeks, you probably know that the first World Cup was held in France in 1938. But for others, you do not even know the world champion in 2010 (Spain, fellows of donkeys!). Whether you are […]

7 powerful tools to experiment on YouTube

YouTube is not just for viewing or sending video. The online service Google goes far beyond. Indeed, eg YouTube offers options to create a slideshow, create a slow effect, add an annotation, or change privacy settings. History to go around with you, here are 7 powerful tools to experiment on YouTube …

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