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5 online services for editing images

If you are not a graphic designer, then you do not necessarily need a software to edit the tip or working your images. Indeed, the Internet now offers many tools which simplify your life. Want to make some changes to an image? Want to create an infographic or an animated GIF? Check out this selection […]

The Nostalgia Machine: the machine back in time to the music!

The Nostalgia Machine is a real UFO on the Internet. If you are a music lover, you’ll add this site to your favorites directly. And for good reason. It offers the very best sounds of the 1960-2013 …

12 tools for editing images online: Quick Picture Tools

There are many fun things you can do with your digital images: integrating text, add wedges, combine images, etc. But more often, you must use a different website for each effect type. Around the Web offers you regularly. Today I present you Quick Picture Tools, a free Web service that offers no less than 12 […]

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