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Google Takeout offers a new interface and backup to Google Drive

Google has made ​​some changes to its Google Takeout platform. The service receives a new and more intuitive than the previous edition user interface. There is also a new feature that will appeal to many Google users: You can now export your backup on Google Drive …

Photodrop as an alternative to Imgur for image sharing

Put things in their place: Imgur is an online service that provides a simple and free way to share photos with friends. Photodrop is a new free service that can be considered as an alternative to Imgur. In fact, you can download one or more image (s) by simply dragging and dropping. Thereafter, Photodrop allows […]

Top 30 of the most popular social networks

What are the most popular social networks in the world? The following table, in short, what are the social platforms that host more users. Note some interesting facts as second in YouTube and sixth in Twitter. Also, be aware that in two years, Google has quintupled its number of users, while LinkedIn has grown 160%. […]

Finding the Right Soldering Equipment

There is a difference between welding and soldering, though many people use the terms interchangeably. Welding involves melting two materials and fusing them. Soldering does not involve melting the material itself. Instead, some kind of filler material like tin, silver, aluminum or lead is melted and coats the two materials that are being joined. As […]

5 online services to convert text to audio

With today’s technology, it is increasingly easy to take text files anywhere. The main first: convert text to audio. If you can do it yourself with a microphone and an audio recording software, be aware that there are also sites suitable for this kind of maneuver. Here are 5 online services to convert text to […]

Polarr, incredible online service for photo lovers

With all web applications that pass, I can assure you that I have tested photo editing services. Although they all have smaller, Polarr is well above the competition. It recently launched its open beta version, which applies advanced photo enthusiasts. Polarr provides tools and publishing high-level techniques with ease …

10 online services that allow you to work from anywhere

Now that Internet use has become widespread, more and more users give up some desktop applications. In fact, online services are increasing and can perform certain tasks without having to install anything. To dematerialize all, here are 10 online services that allow you to work from anywhere …

9 tips for finding the right information on Google

For most Internet users, Google is the place to find the right information they need. However, with the enormous amount of information that the famous search engine offers quantity, it is not always easy to find what we want. The infographic below shows 9 tips for finding the right information on Google. Do you know […]

Did you know? 10 bizarre anecdotes on Facebook

Facebook is a strange site. The first social network cache many stories that are famous. Still, I’m sure you do not know the half. Today, I decided to present 10 odd stories on Facebook. But did you know? …

15 Free Web resources to create infographics

The infograph has become in recent months the ideal way to present impressive statistics. I’m sure you’re already down on these long images with dozens of data inside. These graphics attract curiosity and, above all, are quick to read. We used to say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This expression comes into […]

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