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Social Analytics, a Chrome extension for your statistics of social networks

The fans of social networks are always looking for any number of interest. Take the example of a Community Manager. He must constantly check that the promotion of its brand is doing well. Today I will make your life easier by integrating a tool directly into the Chrome browser: Social Analytics …

Send Anywhere, send and share files from any computer, mobile and tablet

The mall is usually sufficient when it comes to share a file. Yet it sometimes happens to exceed the storage limit. In these cases, we must once again turn to the Web. Send Anywhere is a new online service that offers to send and share files from any computer, mobile and tablet …

5 sites to watch Time Lapse videos online

Time Lapse is being talked about for several years now. This technique involves creating a video from a large amount of photos taken from the same place and at a specified time interval. The effect is sublime. These accelerated videos attract many fans. If you are one, here areĀ 5 sites to watch Time Lapse videos […]

Zonerama, free web space and unlimited for your photos

It is not always easy to find the perfect place to store photos. DVD and USB key is outdated, it is time to turn to the Internet. For my part, I use Joomeo years. Although the service is paying for my use, I have no complaints. However, other alternatives are available. This is particularly the […]

“Cloud”: 10 tools that allow you to have your head in the clouds!

The concept of cloud storage (“Cloud“) is used to allow you to register online data digitally rather than on your computer or on an external device such as a USB drive or CD. Save, sync and share to access their data anywhere is now the daily each user. Here are 10 tools that allow you […], a music player like audio cassette

Young people today have not experienced the great time of the audio cassette. The days when you had to rewind or fast forward to find the right song title! Fortunately, technology advances and the “K7” are just a memory (good for me). will take you back in the 80s Site Stayed Up All Night […]

Simplenote: Online Notes Manager – Free Alternative to Evernote

Internet offers incredible tools. Personally, I like to use different services taking notes. If Google Drive is my main tool, I also use Evernote. However, other sites offers to manage your online note. This is for example the case with Simplenote, a nice free alternative to Evernote …, a pleasant and different task manager

With the lives we lead today, it is essential to have a tool for managing tasks. Organize his life, his work, or his projects is a must. This is why you see more and more online tools. For my part, I have used for years Remember The Milk and Omnifocus. But I like to try […]

5 Chrome Extensions for enhanced security on the Internet

You can never be too careful! Here’s a phrase that makes sense on the Internet. Even if you know that you should not click on dangerous links, it should not open suspicious emails, you definitely happen to you have some time! Do we have to face facts, spyware, scams and other systems of data theft […]

PDF Buddy, online service to edit PDF file

PDF Buddy is a web service that lets you edit and sign PDF files online. You can use this service to edit PDF files on your PC, Mac, or Chromebook. You do not need to install any software, all you need is the browser you are using right now …

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