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How to get more subscribers and “Like” on Instagram [Infographic]

Is there a science to get more followers or “Like” on Instagram? This is a question that Dan Zarrella arose. For him, the tips are simple to have more impact on Instagram: use hashtags, do not put filters to your photos, use a call to action (“reviewing” or “like”), do not change too your photos, […]

Over 100 000 photos of NASA breathtaking

If you like the pictures of the space while NASA will brighten your day. The National Administration of Aeronautics and Space has unveiled a huge photo library: 138 000! These sources come from photos taken by Hubble, JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab), and Apollo missions, including. NASAImages, The site has been created by Luna Imaging. It […]

Streamup, create its own online video streaming free

Streamup is a new web platform that allows you to transmit live video in real time. Very simple and easy to use, it offers the possibility to create your own online video streaming free …

This is What Rich People Do to Earn and Keep Their Wealth

You’ve probably heard the statistic that the richest 1% are in control of almost half of the entire world’s wealth. Wondering what their secrets are? Read on to find out. 1. Rich people understand and believe in the law of income. They feel that they’ll be paid in proportion to their value. If they create […]

Azendoo, Free online task management (10 GB storage)

I do not know about you, but I can not do without my task management tool. If for my part I use Wunderlist, sometimes I test new services. Today is Azendoo which is the end of my cane. This site allows you to manage your daily tasks online. In addition, it offers 10 GB of […]

Instapage to create a sales page (Landing Page) quickly

If you sell a product on the Internet you necessarily know the famous “landing page“. This “sales page” is required to present your product (ebook, video training, etc.) to make money. The problem is that you generally have good technical knowledge to a satisfactory result. Instapage is a free online service that will simplify your […]

5 sites to listen relaxing music and calming

You are young and dynamic and you like to bite your teeth life. Your daily life: live in the fast lane! However, a break in time is well deserved. In these cases, you like doing nothing: plug in the headphones and let you go on a relaxing and soothing music. No worries. I decree that […]

Mega is not the new MegaUpload! The fierce fight against piracy

While some already saw Mega as the new MegaUpload, creators of file hosting online service prove otherwise. Indeed, more and more companies are betting on the transparency of their reporting. Mega joined the trend by publishing its data for the first time since its inception in January 2013. It may be noted that a fierce […]

Happy Apps, to easily monitor failures of a website or application

A good webmaster must keep an eye on his/her sites. In case of failure, it allows them to intervene quickly. While many solutions exist, all are not equal. Some flood alerts you and others are incomprehensible! Happy Apps is a new online service. It allows you to easily monitor failures of a website or an […]

5 sites to download on YouTube

You do not know how to download YouTube videos? I have already presented some Firefox and Google Chrome extension to download on YouTube and I’m sure some of you are using it! History add some tools to this list, I have created a small collection of 5 sites to download YouTube videos …

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