24 mini tips to effectively manage a WordPress blog

Managing a blog effectively is not given to everyone. Yet, with a little organization and rules, you can actually give your maximum. Success is nothing to play! To help you grow your small platform here 24 mini tips to effectively manage a WordPress blog


  1. Write shock titles, flashy, attention-grabbing
  2. Use keywords in your titles
  3. Always add a photo in your articles
  4. Try to write a minimum of 200 words per article
  5. Post content at least 3 times per week
  6. Write for your readers … not for the search engines!
  7. Accept invited articles to increase your audience
  8. Keep a list of items to do next
  9. Write “articles list” (like the one you’re reading)
  10. Put in bold the keywords
  11. Add internal links in your articles
  12. Check the spelling
  13. Divide into paragraphs for easier reading
  14. Add e-mail subscriptions, RSS, Facebook, Twitter and others on your blog
  15. Facilitate sharing your articles via social networks
  16. Install a “Contact
  17. Have a section or a page that contains information about you (eg, a page “About”)
  18. Encourage your readers to leave comments
  19. Try to respond to comments when you have time
  20. Use spaces to your blog to promote your products
  21. Post your content on social networks
  22. Use the right extensions to improve your blog
  23. Structure your blog to be as clean and clear as possible
  24. Develop a schedule of publication

And you, what advice would you give mini to effectively manage a WordPress blog?

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