25 sites for listening music for free on the internet

Today it is no longer necessary to download music illegally. Platforms listening streaming are numerous. With the list I propose below, you can easily find what you are looking for. Whether an artist, album, song or playlist. Have fun you good ears with these 24 sites to listening music for free on the internet


  1. Spotify
  2. MOG
  3. Slacker
  4. Rdio
  5. Grooveshark
  6. Rhapsody
  7. Last.fm
  8. Earbits
  9. Deezer
  10. AudioGalaxy
  11. musicplayr
  12. Stereomood
  13. Aupeo
  14. mSpot
  15. Soundcloud
  16. Shazam
  17. Napster
  18. TuneIn
  19. eMusic
  20. Jango
  21. iHeartRadio
  22. AccuRadio
  23. musicMe
  24. whyd
  25. DeLaMusique

Another site to listen to free music on the internet to add?

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