3 sites to play Super Mario online

If you have thirty (like me) then you spent your days on Super Mario. The famous plumber has occupied much of my time kid. Now you can play countless games of your childhood from the Internet. All you have to do is find the best sites to do so. Look no further, they are compiled in this article. Here are 3 sites to play Super Mario online …


1 . NESbox

NESbox is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator , developed with Adobe Flash technology executable solely and directly from the browser window .
You can find games like Super Mario Bros. , Super Mario World , Super Mario Kart, or Super Mario All -Stars .

2 . Playr

Playr allows you to play all your favorite Game Boy games . The small handheld console Nintendo has largely his audience . The site offers a good selection of games GameBoy and GameBoy color . The games are perfectly emulated and control is easily done through the keyboard. Playr offers a search bar and categories to quickly find a game

3 . Handheld Remakes

So here you are going to take a big shot of old on the head! If you remember (or even if you played ) the Game & Watch, let me see your head. Few white hairs must push on ! Yet these first handheld consoles produced by Nintendo Company from 1980 to 1991 , have sold 43.4 million copies worldwide ! Try the site for Handheld Remakes Mario . And if you also have Pica Pic with same style .

And you, do you know other sites to play Super Mario online?

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