3 things that boost my way of blogging

After my long absence, I want to get back on my beloved working table of blogging and put my finger on my laptop to write something. And in the meantime, here are three things that boost my way of blogging …

1. My Magic List!
Every day I would like a list of things to do. Even though my iPhone lets me see lots of things, I can not get rid of my paper and pen. I started blogging around 21:30. So I take 5 to 10 minutes to 19h to empty my Google Reader and make me a list of articles to write, emails to answer, things to plan, etc.. I noticed that my productivity was quintupled! Try it and see icon wink The three things that boost my way of blogging

2. My siblings / my family / my friends!
I aim to live my blogs. I hope to try their luck in 2013. And who says homework must say more free time! I would have all the time needed to look after my siblings, my family and friends. Well, I’m on a study leave at 80% and I have much free time. But I still lack a few hours to complete projects. This should help me leap. Know that I will live my blogs lead me to give the best of myself.

3. Rest!
It might sound stupid to say that my resting pulse productivity, but you will understand. I’m not a ‘goddess’ in reality, I have my tiredness. I know that arrived this weekend, I start to lose their taste for blogging. I will put a big power boost from Sunday evening to Wednesday (or Thursday) evening. The rest of the time I spend with my children or my little wife. Walk, park, TV series, movies, here is my daily those days!

And you, what are the things that boost your way to blog?

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