30 tips to double (even triple) your productivity as a blogger

productiviteAfter nearly three years of blogging, something hit me: to succeed, it must happen! But beware, do not think that two lines per item is sufficient. Here, you ask your readers quality content (otherwise it would be too easy!). So I’ll give you 30 tips to double (even triple) your productivity blogger

The organization of the productive blogger

1. Create a list of ideas
The best ideas arise at any time, and often when least expected! Make sure you always have something to note. Whether you use an application for smartphone (like Evernote) or a simple notebook, find a way to store these story ideas warm.

2. Find your productive hours
On this point, I can not help you, I can only advise you to test different hours of writing. I personally have a habit of blogging in the evening, when there is no noise and my children are in bed (two small children, use it!). I tested it several times and those that suit me best.

3. Write one article at a time
After reading the book The Art of Leo Babauta go to the essential 30 tips to double (even triple) your productivity blogger, I saw my way to work. Leo is a fan of minimalism and shares his knowledge on the subject. For him, the only way to be productive is to simply focus on one task at a time. Now when I write an article, I focus on nothing but the article in question.

4. Write then correct after
In the design of an item, you may be tempted to stop and correct or add things. If you have inspiration, do not stop, keep writing. You will remain focused on your work and content development. Reread your paper when finished and leisure.

5. Have a plan
Do not write articles. Set goals for yourself, make a plan and stick to it

The environment of productive blogger

6. Organize your workspace
Take everything you do is useless. You see the empty bag of candy in the corner of your office? Put it in the trash! And while you’re there, take 5 minutes to take and store all the papers lying around.
A workspace equipped inevitably lead to an organized work!

7. Close your office door
Wherever possible, close the door or insulate you during your hours of blogging. Make sure everyone in the house knows that a closed door means no interruption (except in emergencies, of course.

8. Turn off the TV
How do you stay focused while watching Secret Story TV shows and other equally stupid? Turn off the TV it makes stupid, and minimize distractions at all costs. Watching TV kills you brain cells 🙂

9. Insulate yourself
Do not try to start an article in a noisy place, you would go straight into the wall! Prefer a quiet and relaxing.
I usually work alone in a small room. I created a real small office and I like it when my hours of blogging. I just what I need to work, nothing to entertain me!

10. Cut social networks
This is a council that will make you more productive: cutting social networks! Facebook, Twitter, or Google + lately are “thieves of time.” Learn to work away from these tools. Cut it!

11. Change of environment
Sometimes a change of scenery does wonders. Change your screen, write in your garden, go to the lake, in short, renew your environment!

Time management of productive blogger

12. Seal leaks in your productivity
Perform an audit of your wasted time. Write down everything you do for a week to see where is the problem. Is it Facebook? Twitter? TV? For me, it was reading other blogs that I took a lot of time, I’ve remedied!

13. Use Task Manager
All you need to do is to be noted and planned. To do this, use Task Manager. Why you can not organize your schedule of blogging.

14. Do not try to be perfect
You certainly want to be the most perfectionist that is, but you’d be wrong! Nobody is perfect, do not try to become one. Your readers to overlook the few mistakes you make, do not worry.

Tools of the productive blogger

15. Buy a timer
Did you know that most people can not focus only for 45 to 60 minutes? Why not use that time? Buy a timer and set it ready for you, you will see that this little object will have a beneficial effect on productivity. Take a break of 15 minutes after your sessions blogging.

16. Clean your RSS reader
Find a persistent info in a feed reader poorly organized, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack! Learn to sort. Remove all your readings useless.
Empty your daily drive to keep only the essentials. Do not particularly overwhelmed by the thousands of details that fill your feed reader.

17. Subscribe to the RSS feeds of blogs in your niche
Go straight to the point, do not add any blog. Keep the main sources. Otherwise, take a look at these five sources of content for bloggers run out of inspiration.

18. Use Firefox …
Just because the browser provides many extensions to improve your productivity.

19. … Or Google Chrome
Google’s browser also offers opportunities. Search for all Google Chrome Extensions to become “Super Production”.

20. Use Google Alerts
One way to use, find out How to create Google alerts to monitor keywords.

21. Increase your productivity on the Internet

Shares and promotions productive blogger

21. Create a checklist of post-publication
For each item, the same ranguaine: share on social networks, the Digg-like, by mail, or otherwise, is almost the same. Do you create your checklist step by step all the things you have to do after the publication of your article and follow them exactly. Take my word for it, know where you will save valuable time.

22. Automate publishing your articles on social networks
Some of you will disagree with this point, however, is a huge time saver that automate the publication of your articles on social networks. Follow the example video tutorial How to automatically share their articles on Facebook and Twitter.

The health of productive blogger

23. Exercises + right diet
A healthy body can only be beneficial to your productivity. Eat properly and play sports. I started jogging in recent months. You may not know the number of story ideas (including this one) I had during these sessions.

24. sleep
On this point, I’m not a model! I am not a heavy sleeper (5 to 6 hours per night are enough for me). Yet I know how much sleep is restorative. A good night’s sleep and everything is in order!

25. breathe
If you are stuck on an item, put it aside and come back to it after a while. Remove to fresh air, drink a shot and finish it. Do not leave outlined above in mind to finish it later. Later will often say never!

26. Stay “cool”
Be “cool” during your hours of blogging and you do not try to take the lead. Be zen, be yourself and you will see that the words will come alone. Smoke a big fat firecracker if necessary! No, I do push people to smoke drugs though …!

27. Log off!
Take all, unplug your computer and go on a weekend cleanse you. Take a step back and take a good break.

The bonus of productive blogger

28. Follow my other tips
I talk a lot Productivity Around the Web, take a look at ‘related post’ section to get more tips.

29. Manage your projects online

30. Become an alcoholic!
Just kidding…

Do you have to add? How do you improve your productivity?

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