5 alternatives to IFTTT (to be more productive)

IFTTT is the pioneer in the field of interaction between different web services. At first we did not really understand this war machine. But later, IFTTT stands as a true ally productivity. Need to do repetitive tasks, IFTTT makes for you! However, the Web service may displease you by its minimalist interface. You may be looking for the heavy artillery. In these cases, here are 5 alternatives to IFTTT (to be more productive) …


1 . Zapier

Zapier is a database offering more than 250 Web services. Zapier allows you to automate tasks between other online services ( Basecamp , Twitter, Paypal, Mailchimp , Gmail, etc. . ) . As with IFTTT , you can combine them all together to free yourself from repetitive tasks such as sending an automatic email, create a PDF document with data from a certain service, add an event to your calendar, and so on .

2 . Wappwolf

Wappwolf is a great service where you have to spend time to understand everything. This is a war machine that , when properly configured , can save you a lot of time. Wappwolf is a free online service that allows you to automate various processes you do in Dropbox , Google Drive or Box.

3 . We- Wired Web

Although it is a bit more archaic than its predecessors, Web -Wired We propose the interaction between different web services. Dropbox , Evernote , Facebook, Delicious , Blogger, 500px , Flickr , Google Drive , LinkedIn, SoundCloud Pocket or are part of the selection panel .

4 . itDuzzit

itDuzzit supports over 100 applications and Web services. You will find services such as Google, Zoho , Blogger, Dropbox, Bitly , Flickr, MailChimp , zt others. Its administration panel is a little more complex than IFTTT or Zapper , but allows him to create more advanced rules.

5 . Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo! Pipes is a service from Yahoo! that allows to sort, filter and aggregate the most information on the Internet . This is a tool that , once you understand the system, automates the processing of information. Unlike IFTTT , which automates online services , Yahoo! Pipes specializes in finding interesting information from multiple sources .

Do you use IFFFT ? An alternative to IFFFT to offer in the comments ?

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