5 Chrome Extensions to boost productivity on the Internet

Internet offers (unfortunately) many opportunities to entertain. However, if you work daily behind a computer screen, then you know that your business does not advance. Today, I invite you to take the bull by the horns and put you to work with these 5 Chrome extensions to boost productivity on the Internetproductivite-blogueur-methode

1. StayFocusd

If you are unable to let Facebook, Twitter or your email, then StayFocusd will put you a big kick in the ass! This extension for Chrome optimizes your productivity by reducing the time you spend on irrelevant websites. Once grilled cartridge, you can access your favorite sites (but useless) than the following day.

2. FastestFox

To boost productivity on the Internet, we must begin by surf faster! FastestFox propose some effective and practical features in addition to Google’s browser. The extension allows, for example, display a definition of a word just by highlighting it with your mouse, pre-load the next page of text, to give further results for your research, etc..

3. Owl Productivity

Productivity Owl is a tool that allows you to focus on what is important. Thus you avoid falling into temptation and divert you from your goals. This extension acts as a “content filter”. You set the rules with slots where you can not access distracting elements (blogs, social networks, YouTube …).

4. Procrastinator

Procrastination is a term which has become famous in recent times on the Web. Many marketers use them and they damn right! Procrastination means simply the art of pushing the next. Procrastinator with, you stay focused on your work since the extension lets you block sites at certain times of the day.

5. Strict Pomodoro

I have often spoken of “Pomodoro” on this blog. This technique is based on the use of a timer capable of meeting 25 minutes periods. At the end of the countdown, you take a 5 minute break and you are doing a session of 25 minutes of work. Strict Pomodoro helps you in the process since it adds a small timer in Chrome.

What Chrome extensions do you use to boost productivity?

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