5 Chrome Extensions for enhanced security on the Internet

You can never be too careful! Here’s a phrase that makes sense on the Internet. Even if you know that you should not click on dangerous links, it should not open suspicious emails, you definitely happen to you have some time! Do we have to face facts, spyware, scams and other systems of data theft is becoming more difficult to detect. In order not to fall for it, here are 5 Chrome Extensions for enhanced security on the Internetextensions-chrome-securite

1. WOT

WOT is a service reputation and Assessment website that helps you to trust or not a site knowingly when you search, shopping or browsing online. WOT just shows the reputation of the site in the form of traffic lights near the search results when you use Google, Yahoo and Bing !, other search engines.WOT

2. avast! Online Security

The extension allows you to collect data on phishing sites and warns you if you visit these sites, create your own pages of confidence, giving access to a system of Web reputation, fueled by reports of a community of more than 160 million users.avast-Online-Security

3. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension that allows you to encrypt your communications. In fact, it forces the use of the HTTPS protocol (usually used by websites for financial transactions such as PayPal) to secure the data entered in the Web pages you visit.HTTPS-Everywhere

4. DoNotTrackMe

DoNotTrackMe for Chrome lets you block trackers (tracking attempts for statistical purposes or advertising) that automatically record your activity while browsing online. This extension works in the background and protects you in different ways while you surf online.DoNotTrackMe

5. Hola Internet better

Hola provides an extremely simple solution to implement to circumvent geographic filtering implemented by some Internet services. This extension allows you to enjoy services such as Hulu, Pandora, CBS, Fox, BBC iPlayer, iTV, etc.Hola-Internet-en-mieux

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