5 essential qualities every cruise job seeker needs

If you’re applying for jobs on cruise ships then it’s important to demonstrate in your applications that you possess particular qualities that make you suitable for living and working on a cruise ship.

These are the essential qualities that most cruise ship recruiters will be looking out for in every application, cover letter and CV or resume they come across, regardless of the job you’re applying for.

Here they are:

1. Customer service ability
2. Team work ability
3. High work quality
4. Strong work ethic
5. Good communication skills

If any one of these qualities are “missing” from your application, then you might well be considered “not suitable” for living and working on a cruise ship.

Have a quick look over your cover letter and CV/resume right now and see if you’ve got the above 5 points covered. If not, then spend a few minutes to try and work them all in. It could make a big difference.

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