5 Facts You Need to Know about Each Cruise Line

Finding a way to put your cover letter on top of the pile or make your interview stand out from the others can be as simple as doing a little research ahead of time. Which facts about a cruise line should you inject into your cover letter? How do you seal the deal during your interview by wowing interviewers with your knowledge?

Just as for land-based jobs, knowing as much as you can about the company you are applying to can help you get hired. This step is often neglected by applicants, so those that do their research will have a big advantage.

Cruise applicants should focus their research on five key areas.

1. Cruise Ship Fleet. You should know about the ships within the cruise lines’ fleet such as total number of ships and which ship is debuting.

2. Passenger Demographic. Who are the cruise line’s passengers? What is the demographic of the cruise line?

3. Cruise Itineraries. Some cruise lines concentrate on world cruises while others like Disney Cruise Line stay in North America with the exception of their European itinerary on the Disney Magic.

4. Latest News. Following cruise news publications and cruising websites will keep you informed about the latest in the cruising industry.

5. Contact Name. This may be one of the most important pieces of information for getting hired. Don’t assume that there is only one contact name for each cruise line. More often than not there is a different contact person for each department. You need to send your resume to the right person, or it may not even get read.

No experience? No problem!! At least that’s what you hope would be the answer, right? Do you wonder if the experience you have will be enough to land your dream job? How do you go about finding the job that meets your skills? How do you apply for jobs that seem to require skills and experience that you don’t have?

For the cruise ship jobs that do not require a specialized skill, ‘experience required’ should be interpreted as ‘experience preferred’. Many cruise lines are often overzealous when detailing the skills and experience required in order to be hired for the job. Instead these requirements should be viewed more as a guideline or a wish list of what the employer would like to see in a potential crew member.

Cruise lines use this ‘experience required’ tactic as way of limiting the number of candidates applying for the job. Sure, they have an ideal candidate in mind, but even they know that the perfect applicant probably doesn’t exist. Therefore if the job description sounds interesting and doesn’t go beyond what you think your capabilities are, then go for it.

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