5 Free alternatives for FeedBurner

Google announced end of May 2011 will cease FeddBurner API October 20, 2012. Since October 2, Adsense has been removed from the stream. July 26, 2012, Google closed the Twitter FeedBurner account in a short message, but concise.
Question: What is the future of FeedBurner? Many of us ask ourselves the same question. Knowing that this service flow management is present on most blogs, it’s time to take the lead. Here are 5 free alternatives to FeedBurner


Note: as you announce it immediately. There is no service that offers what FeedBurner. I tested a lot of services in creating this article and I drooled to find FREE alternatives! In fact, there are over paid services free at the moment …

1. FeedCat

FeedCat will certainly attract people in the coming days. It allows you to create an RSS feed and place it on a blog in minutes. Its strength lies in the fact offer different subscription to your readers solutions.

2. MailChimp

Instead of RSS, you can provide a newsletter (or newsletters in English). MailChimp is certainly one of the best tools. Although offers paid versions, do not forget that the free option allows up to 2000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails per month.

3. RevResponse

Step 1: Retrieve and save the FeedBurner email addresses. Step 2: Send backup RevResponse. This web service lets you create a newsletter subsequently paid through ebooks, magazines and white papers.


4. FeedYes

A site a little archaic but allows you to create an RSS feed from a blog. Well, the only problem is that you have to manually type all!


5. Nouri.sh

Nouri.sh is a newsletter service that converts an RSS feed email newsletter. Simple and intuitive, Nouri.sh can have as many subscribers as you want, but is limited to 1,000 items per month. The newsletter can be sent automatically by email to all your subscribers.

Do you know of a (very) good free alternative to FeedBurner?

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