5 free apps for perfecting Dropbox

Despite the power of the site, Dropbox is not perfect. The online storage provides a tool that allows you to have all your documents in the cloud storage. However, a few more options would not be too much! I invite you to discover these five free apps for Dropbox perfectapplications-perfectionner-dropbox

1. TunesBag: Music Web service

tunesBag is a music player based on the Cloud. This web service offers Dropbox stream your music in a browser or on a mobile. The site is free and you can store your music, create playlists and share them with friends and other users.

2. SourceKit: Chrome extension

SourceKit is a simple text editor for developers. This application is as an extension for the Chrome browser and syncs with Dropbox. You can directly edit code files (eg HTML) stored in your Dropbox.

3. AirDropper: Sharing Web service

This application allows you to create a pull system files. Indeed, Airdropper you can invite someone by email to upload files directly in your DropBox. Your file is automatically synchronized with your desktop.

4. IFTTT: automated Web service

Ifttt is an online service that allows you to automate operations on all major social networks and Web application, including Dropbox. Examples: backup your photos Instagram in Dropbox. Or save the URL of a YouTube video that you specify “A watch later.”

5. JShot: software screenshot

JShot software is a free screen capture allows you to edit your images precisely by adding arrows, text or other geometric shapes. It is multi-platform since it is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. With one click, you can send your edits to a FTP server Twitter, and of course Dropbox.

Do you use free applications to improve Dropbox?

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