5 free sites to take notes online

Our lives have become too active to remember everything! Personally, I usually write down everything. Not only it takes me a good spine foot (it keeps me thinking about it all day), but also it allows me to not forget anything. If you like to also note all, it’s time to throw your notebook and your pen! Today, up to 5 free sites to take notes onlinenotes-en-ligne

1. Evernote

The best known of them all! Evernote is a note taking what Google is looking. Launched in 2008, it has now been adopted by over 50 million users worldwide. Evernote helps you remember the elements of life everyday that are important to you using your computer, your phone, tablet and the web.

2. Keep Google

Keep Google is Google’s answer to Evernote! The Mountain View firm has unveiled the project notes March 20, 2013. Both say that the youth is not a negative point. Google knows unveil simple and pleasant to use projects. He proves it once again with Google Keep. This free online service offers basic functionality: change the color of a note, insert an image and add a list. It is also possible to choose between displaying notes in List or Grid mode.

3. SimpleNote

Free site that offers to take notes in line with the recording automatically. You have unlimited access anywhere you have an Internet connection and Simplenote offers an iPhone and iPad app that syncs with the free online service. The Pro version allows you to synchronize your notes with Dropbox.

4. Fargo

When you launch the app for the first time, a dialog box appears to confirm that you want to allow access to a Fargo Dropbox folder. Indeed, this site uses the famous platform storage to sync and backup all your notes in the cloud.

5. Springpad

Springpad is a free online service that allows its users to save, organize and share ideas and information. Springpad is designed to help users remember the content. You create “notebooks” where you save everything you want: recipes, books, barcodes, etc.. With iPad, iPhone and Android applications, Springpad is a must. What free site do you use to take notes online?

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