5 golden rules for success with a blog

The success of a blog is the result of several months of work. In this article, I will not give you a recipe, I just share with you a little bit of my experience. Some keys that you will undoubtedly embrace success. For you to be creative and shake a little luck. Your blog is slowing? You have a small ras-le-bol? Here are the 5 golden rules for success with a blog


1. Become an expert in a specific Niche

Sector blogging is clogged. Many topics are covered by bloggers. But I’m sure there’s room for everyone, as long as you do things. Take my example with my new iPhone blog. Everyone thinks that blogging about Apple products is a waste of time. Let me prove otherwise. In just six months of blogging, this new blog attracts an average of 600 visits per day!

Just like me, do not be afraid to get started and you will (perhaps) an expert in the eyes of your readers.

2. Be creative

Blogging is flat! How many times a day do you see the same information? The same news can be treated differently, but the output remains the same. Why not innovate a little? Why not write about novel topics?
Certainly, I do not think many innovate with my blogs, but I’m working every day …

3. Work (still) harder than other bloggers

Do not become Presse-Citron, Korben or Fredzone wants! There are hours and hours of work behind their success. Like them, spend the time it takes on an article. Go fishing on the news. Work twice as much as other bloggers who are in your theme.

Success does not fall on your head, it should be result …

4. Have a sense of humor

Your readers do not try to take the lead. Will not inflate with things too serious or incomprehensible words that only includes Bernard Pivot! A touch of humor here and there never hurt anyone.

5. Suggest an exceptional content

The content is the basis of your blog. Write powerful items that will hit your readers. Draw eyes on you, shock if necessary. Create content exceptional well beyond what is done at present. Aim high!

I know what you’ll say: “easy to say.” A mix you know the first 4 golden rules to reach 5 golden rules that fifth point icon wink to succeed with a blog

What is your golden rule for success with a blog?

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