5 Google Chrome extensions to enhance your Facebook

Google Chrome is expanding more every day with new extensions that allow it to easily add additional functionality. Facebook, meanwhile, delighted more and more users. In order to combine the Internet browser and social networking, I’ve prepared a list of five extensions to enhance Google Chrome Facebook …

1. Beautify Facebook
Facebook Beautify improves the appearance of Facebook by introducing a new interface. The header and each becomes transparent information on your wall is well separated.

2. Facebook Fixer
Facebook Fixer allows you to customize your Facebook profile by adding numerous extra options: View pictures of profiles, hide things, integration with Google Calendar, Shortcuts …

3. Friends Mural for Facebook
Friends Mural for Facebook is a client of its own. He reorganized to display all your Facebook contacts pinned on a wall of photos of your friends. Pellets show you when a contact is updated.

4. Facebook Photo Zoom
Facebook Photo Zoom offers one of the best ways to view photos on Facebook. Avatars are usually small, this extension enlarges!

5. Facebook To-Go
Facebook To-GoFacebook offers an easy and fast access to all features of Facebook without opening it completely.

And you, what extensions do you use to combine Facebook and Google Chrome? What do you think of the 5 presented in the article?

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